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What sets you apart from other services?

Technology. Using our cloud based management system you can place prep orders 24 hours a day ready for our picking team to automatically collect, pick and pack your order within 24 hours.

Product Image. When we receive a new product we photograph it which stays permanently assigned to that barcode, our customers find this very useful to check that the product is what they were expecting and also for games and DVD that it is the correct version.

Barcodes. Our cloud based stock control system clearly displays your product barcode so you can easily locate the applicable listing on Amazon.

New Boxes. We will always use a brand new double walled 60 x 60 x 60cm cardboard box to ship your order to Amazon unless you are sending products that require boxes with specific shapes or large dimensions, in this scenario we will clean up the delivery box and re-use.

Inbound Stock Sheet. Unfortunately not all retailers include packing slips or invoices with their orders. So in order for us to accurately reconcile your inbound shipments we use a shared google sheet which documents the inbound item and expected quantity.

You Choose What to Ship & When. A common prep centre model is to fill up outbound boxes as stock comes in, shipping the boxes when they become full. This sounds great in theory but what if Amazon splits the stock across two Fulfilment Centres? You end up with two half empty boxes. Also what if your first items to arrive are 2 x 5kg kitchen appliances and 10 x toys in plastic boxes, every time this item gets moved there is a high risk of damage from the heavy items on the light ones.

When you have enough items with us to create an order we spread the items across multiple boxes to ensure you are getting the most economical service possible and also your items are packaged securely.