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Long Term Storage Fee Removal

Twice a year, August 15th and February 15th, are long term storage fee charge dates in Amazon. This means that any stock you have with Amazon on these dates that has been with them for 6 months or longer will be charged a LTSF (more information can be found here); we can help you avoid those fees by removing your items to us.

Upon receipt of your items, we will inspect your products for signs of warehouse damage or damage in transit and, where applicable, will send you supporting images so you can claim from Amazon. If your items are all OK and suitable for resale, then please see below.

Merchant Fulfilled

We can handle your merchant fulfilled orders, including everything from wholesale products, OA and even your LTSF removals.

We can handle these orders in two ways:

  1. Full integration, be it Amazon merchant fulfilled, eBay or Shopify, our system can fully integrate to these channels so orders come through to us automatically.
  2. You can manually input orders into our system 24 hours a day.